SDL (or OpenGL), HTML5, Gecko and vector movies

  • SDL (or OpenGL), HTML5, Gecko and vector movies lochok

    I'm writing a platform game which uses SDL for the main graphics code. There is a chance that I may be using OpenGL for the rendering at a later stage, so answers could relate to either.

    I'm needing a good method to include vector animations (such as a starting video) within the game.

    Being a platform game, I would prefer to limit the dependents and size of the data. This rules out using Theora as the resulting vector animations would be needlessly lossy and overly large compared to the rest of the content. Flash sounds like an OK option, however it is finicky to embed (or even use) on non-windows platforms, and requires significant amounts of dependencies.

    My idea is to use HTML5 animations, rendered by Gecko (the embeddable Firefox rendering engine) or WebKit (the Chrome rendering engine) in SDL, or rendered to an OpenGL surface in SDL. Quite simply - is this feasable? Are there any other examples as to how I should embed it? Is there a better (read: smaller and simpler) solution?

  • One solution (probably the easiest at the moment but not necessary the best) is to include a complete web browser engine into your game.

    I'm currently trying some solutions which wrap Chromium/WebKit in C++ (and C# or C) to use some HTML5 as GUI.

    • Awesomium seems to be the more popular.
    • Berkelium is an alternative solution, that I didn't tried yet.

    The both are based on Chromium/WebKit and can be used under Windows / OSX / Linux. As they both render the browser content into off-screen buffers, you can do what you want (save to file, display etc.) with them.

    I'm almost certain you can find similar frameworks for other web browser engines, but as I don't know them I can tell for sure.

    A best practice is probably to integrate the web browser engine directly instead of using some frameworks but it request more time and work indeed.

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