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Marco Giancotti
  • Windows-Linux cross platform game Marco Giancotti

    The answers to this cross-platform related question are useful, however I want my (C++) game to run on Windows and Linux (and be packaged for Ubuntu) only. I'm not interested in platforms like mobile or consoles.

    Are there any specific tips or suggestions for this case?

    Also, if I get the game to work on linux, is it difficult to add support for OSX?

    Updating with more information:

    It will be a 3D game simulating the motion of spacecraft in the solar system. We will use Ogre3D for the graphics. We're still in the design phase, so there's no code written yet.

  • One thing you might want to keep in mind from the start is that if your game relies on floating points physics calculations the behavior on one OS could be different than on the other without some careful considerations. This is not dramatic if your game doesn't rely on perfect synchronization across different platforms such as multiplayer RTS games and will only be apparent in some edge cases but it's still something I consider important to keep in mind ahead of time.

    Other than that, using C++, cross-platform specifications (OpenGL if you ever need it, I don't know Ogre3D) and cross-platform librairies (and of course the STL where possible) should pretty much help you make your game platform-agnostic. Just make sure to abstract implementation details (Window management, threading, networking, etc.) during your conception and all you'll need is some solid testing on all platforms.

  • I currently work in the GIS industry, and so many of our software libraries (e.g. GDAL) are designed to be cross platform. They cause nothing but headaches

    The best way to write applications intended for multiple platforms is to architect them such that platform dependencies are abstracted away completely. Write code that is easy to port, rather than cross-platform. You'll save yourself a lot of headaches and wasted time trying to figure out why you umpteen millionth#ifdef WIN32 doesn't work properly.

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