• GL_INVALID_OPERATION in glEnd Killrazor

    I'm having problems drawing a simple sprite. When I draw:

    void CSprite2D::render()
                CHECKGL(glTexCoord2f(m_textureAreaStart.s,m_textureAreaStart.t)); // 0,0 by default
                CHECKGL(glTexCoord2f(m_textureAreaEnd.s,m_textureAreaStart.t)); // 1,0 by default
                CHECKGL(glVertex3i( m_position.x + m_dimensions.x, m_position.y, 0));   
                CHECKGL(glTexCoord2f(m_textureAreaEnd.s, m_textureAreaEnd.t)); // 1,1 by default
                CHECKGL(glVertex3i( m_position.x + m_dimensions.x, m_position.y + m_dimensions.y, 0));      
                CHECKGL(glTexCoord2f(m_textureAreaStart.s, m_textureAreaEnd.t));  // 0,1 by default
                CHECKGL(glVertex3i( m_position.x, m_position.y + m_dimensions.y,0));

    I'm always get an GL_INVALID_OPERATION in glEnd(). I suspect that error is not here, but I can't detect where may be. Actually, the output render seems ok. But I want to solve this situation before to catch a subtle bug tomorrow.

    Any idea of what could be

  • My guess is your CHECKGL macro is calling glGetError between a glBegin/glEnd, which is not one of the defined functions that can be called.

c++ opengl textures
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