RTS Engine or DotA-like game

  • RTS Engine or DotA-like game Toktik

    Is there any good documented and simple Game engine for RTS games, especially for building DotA-like game?

    I know I can use Crystal Space, Irrlicht or another Game Engine. But I need most similar game or engine to DotA gameplay.

  • Spring RTS engine looks very nice.
    Stratagus is another option.

    Both the above came from the search 'c++ RTS engine'.

  • Glest, especially MegaGlest and the Glest Advanced Engine (forums)

    Its a classic RTS engine that is fairly straightforward to 'mod' and add 'factions' using 3D models and XML files to define the unit attributes. It can be used as a basis for 'total conversions' and the code-base is accessible enough to add specific features. It may be that you don't actually need to touch the code, however - its designed to be modded!

    MegaGlest 3.4 has just reached beta - its an awesome engine that's approachable to modding.

  • The Warcraft III and Starcraft II editors are probably, almost by definition, the best engines to make DotA-like games in. They are reasonably well documented, simpler than anything suggested thus far, and have a proven record of being able to make excellent RTS games.

  • The Neoaxis Engine might be an idea. When I was evaluating it, I recall that part of the demo involved an RTS. It's general purpose, and may be a little raw for what you want, though.

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